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New York Adventures

Hey Guys! Its your boy "Emmanuelthekid" I want t share my adventures about New York with you. When I got there I had an interview with the radio station Power 620 and I was able to tour the other stations too. I was nervous to talk on the radio but being in front of the mic made me feel like a "Big Kid." My book signing was off the chain!! I met the DA, some CEO's, Executives and great staff that supported my book. Then it was off to New York City!!!!!!! It was soooooo BIG & NOISEY Lol, but I had so much fun on the subway. It was my first time on a subway & we was entertained by some dancer. The were doing tricks on the ceilings and walls. (check out my YouTube to see the footage). I went to Time Square & went shopping and I was able to see so much stuff. I was soooooooo tired that I fell asleep on the train going back to the Bronx!

My family in New York Rocks because the took us on these adventures & grilled out for us in the Bronx. You know what was the best? New York Pizza!!!!!!! It was Delicious......and I had fun. I also hit the baseball over the fence in the Bronx & they gave me a nickname "Rookie" How cool is that???? Check out my YouTube: Emmanuelthekidtv & my Instagram Emmanuelthekid007 for all of my pictures and videos.

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