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Harry Hazberry


The Field Trip Bully

By: Emmanuelthekid

Harry Hazberry adventures for the whole family


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A Bit About Me

Emmanuel Israel is a native of North Carolina that has a creative mind and passion to be an assistance to those in need. With his caring heart, he has donated bags of clothes and toys to the less fortunate children twice a year. He believes "that every child should have a toy and a book to read." He loves superheros, going to the movies, playing his play-station games, creating a space to have his own show on You Tube and reading. Through his space of reading, Emmanuel began creating a character name "Harry Hazberry" that would go through real life events but show others how to overcome everyday obstacles. In his quest of writing, he discovered that his passion in writing books is leading him more to be a "little entrepreneur." His ultimate goal is to travel the world with his books so other children can become excellent readers too!

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Harry Hazberry

Published 2018

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